About BiznetZone Work

What is BiznetZone?

BiznetZone is an International Small Business Network that brings together non-competing local entrepreneurs into a closed group that support each other, by buying from each other, giving feedback, sharing advise, and once they develop trust, even referring customers.

FREE to join a network that brings businesses together to collectively work like one large company.

What We Do!

We support a network made up of local chapters on university campuses, in cities, and in different companies.
We run programs, and events with and through our chapter network that help people to build leadership skills and experiences, and establish a network of allies to help them make a lifelong impact.
We hold a world-class annual conference each year that brings our community, and others, together to get inspired, get networked, and get activated.

How We Help!

Maximize Your Professional Network

» A network of professionals that understand each other
» Helping each other by buying from each other
» Buying products and services together
» Do things together at a large scale

Service marketplace

Expand Your Service Marketplace

» A host of free and deeply discounted services
» Market together, and do very many things together
» Members only e-commerce marketplace
» Each team gets a dedicated team to set you up for success

Find Distributors & Sales Agents

» Business Coach
» Marketing manager
» Business Assistant
» A host of support services at a deep discount

agent sales

Who is This For


» Only one person from each trade can join a chapter
» Should be able to provide two references


Membership Types



» Free services (worth $100 sign up bonus)
» Discount on all services on BiznetZone network
» Accumulate points for various activities on the network
» Ability to use points to buy products and service
» Get affiliate commission for all referrals

Gold members

» Everything available to free members
» Monthly service of $500
» Avail Marketplace and support services
» Deeper discounts for everything on BiznetZone network
» Avail premium platform services (BC, AM, MM, SA)


Chapter Leaders

» Everything available to Gold members
» Establish a city-based Local Chapter
» Can create events/meeting

Chapter members

» Everything available to Gold members
» Be a part of closed groups who help each other

Chapter Manager

» Admin of the Chapter. Have complete access.

Business Coach

» Can create events.

Personal Assistant

» Admin of the Chapter. Have complete access.


» Can create events.

BiznetZone Admin

» BiznetZone network SuperAdmin.