Terms and Conditions


BiznetZone networking is making it available to you for running a successful business subject to these terms of service (“ToS”). The ToS represent your entrance to and utilization of BiznetZone services available through the website.

The website includes BiznetZone connected websites, email notifications, applications, buttons, widgets, ads, commerce services, and other related services that can be accessed through our site or that link to any information, text, graphics, images, videos, links or other materials uploaded/downloaded or appearing on the services.

By using the BiznetZone website and services you consent to be bound by these terms of service. Since these ToS are advancing, expect successive changes to them, and with such changes, your use, rights and privacy expectations may likewise change.


1). Who May Use the BiznetZone Services?

There can be issues in technology and service in BiznetZone marketplace. You can use the websites and services by entering into the agreements with third parties and agree to these ToS. The maximum liability for all the websites and services is $100 in addition to refund of any disputed payment.

However, you are not allowed to use the BiznetZone website and services if you are mentally disabled, intoxicated, below 18 years, etc. For those who are accepting these ToS and using the BiznetZone website and services on behalf of an organization, association, or other legal entity, you speak to and warrant that you are approved to do as such.


2). Privacy

Our privacy policy, available at https://biznetzone.com/privacy-policy, depicts how we gather, process, store and share the information you provide to us when you use our BiznetZone website and services. When using the services, your personal information will be collected and used (as put forward in the Privacy Policy), including the exchange of your data to the United States and/or other countries for storage, processing and use by BiznetZone, its franchisees and individuals, and its affiliates.


3). Services Content

You are solely responsible for using the BiznetZone website and services and for any content you provide, including compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Try not to hit the send/submit button, unless you are prepared to be considered responsible for your content.

Like with any content published through the Internet, you must consider the source of the content or the materials before using or depending upon it. Your utilization of the content and BiznetZone website are at your own risk.

BiznetZone is a licensed proprietor and comprehends the expenses and costs in developing and keeping up the intellectual property. We claim all authority to expel content charged to encroach without prior notice, have authority to chuck anyone out as needed at our sole circumspection, and without liability to you. We will react to notification of claimed trademark and other intellectual property encroachment that agree to appropriate law and are legitimately given to us.

You are exclusively in charge of any remarks or posts you leave on our site, blogs or any BiznetZone site. BiznetZone does not control the content posted and does not ensure the exactness, honesty or content quality.

You may discover hostile, profane or offensive when exposed to content while using our site or services. By no means will BiznetZone be liable for any content that has errors or omissions or any loss or harm caused while using the site and services.


Some unlawful or unethical activities of BiznetZone:

  • False, deceptive or stigmatizing statements of any sort
  • Any unapproved utilization of the name, logo, trademark or copyrighted material
  • Violation of any government, state or local laws or directions
  • Prohibits spamming and immediate termination of your account
  • Unauthorized use of software without any license agreement

BiznetZone has the right (yet not the commitment) to screen, move or expel any content that violates the ToS or is generally questionable.

You bear all the risks related to the usage of content on the BiznetZone site or regarding the services including any dependence on the accuracy, or convenience of such content.


Fees and Payments

When you order any BiznetZone services you have a chance to review and acknowledge the expenses that will be charged. Costs, accessibility, and other buy terms are liable to change.

BiznetZone holds the privilege without earlier notice to cease or change details and costs on services offered on and outside of the BiznetZone website without any commitment to you. All charges might be subject to taxes.

You are in charge of giving genuine, precise, current, and complete data when requesting administrations through the BNI Site or something else. BiznetZone may need to check data you give before accepting your request and may drop or limit your order any time.

If payment has just been made and your request is dropped or restricted, BiznetZone will refund the payment you made for the service and will not be delivered.

In any case, if your credit card company declines to pay the sum owed for the service you have obtained, you concur that we may, at our choice, suspend or end delivery of service and may expect you to pay any past due sums by different means satisfactory to us.

Buying of different products and services through the BiznetZone site might be liable to different terms and conditions that are introduced to you at the time of purchase.


Automated Queries

You may not send automated questions of any kind to the BiznetZone website or its frameworks without any written authorization or permission.


Intellectual Property

The contents included on the BiznetZone website and regarding the services, for example, content, illustrations, logos, icons, pictures, audios, downloads, data, and software, is the property of BiznetZone or its service providers and is ensured by global copyright laws.

The majority of the trademarks, logos, service marks, brand and trade names showing up on the site are the property of owners. You may not utilize, change, evacuate or generally encroach on any of such exclusive licensed innovation.

BiznetZone holds full rights regarding the site and the services including however not limited to outline usefulness, and documentation. You may not duplicate, alter, or repeat any piece of the site or the services.



If you are a copyright proprietor and believe that any content on our site encroaches your copyrights, you may advise us to modify the copyright report by mailing it to:


  • A particular description of encroachment and the copyrighted work that you accept has been damaged
  • The correct location of the encroaching material on the site
  • Your contact information
  • An announcement by a person approved to make a move that the data gave is valid and correct.

Defense and Security

You will protect, reimburse and hold innocuous BiznetZone and its members from and against any losses, damages, intrigue, and costs that emerge out of or identify with:

  • Your utilization of the site or the services
  • Any real or affirmed breach of your portrayals, guarantees, or commitments
  • Any content you give including yet not restricted to any genuine or claimed encroachment of any licensed innovation or exclusive privileges of any


The BiznetZone site and the services are given on an “as may be” and “as accessible” premise. BiznetZone makes no portrayals or guarantees of the site, the services or the content thereof. BiznetZone disclaims all such guarantees including without limitation:

  • Wellness for a specific reason, merchantability, title, and non-infringement
  • That the site or the services will meet your necessities, and be accessible, available, continuous, convenient, secure, or work without error
  • That the data, content, and materials included on the site will be as spoken to
  • The course of managing or utilization of trade
  • Any commitment, risk, right, claim or cure in tort emerging or not from the carelessness of BiznetZone.


For Member Buyers

  • All transactions on BiznetZone platform are guaranteed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The seller should be aware that any buyer can get a full refund after a service is delivered.
  • Any abuse of this provision can be escalated and we terminate members taking undue advantage of the platform and its members.
  • All the purchases are covered by built-in escrow, as the payment processing takes 14 days to process on BiznetZone. The buyer can intimate of any aspects of dissatisfaction and request a partial or total refund. This is, however, the maximum
  • This is a trust-based platform. All the products and services are sold to the members at a discount, below market rates.
  • The transactions are based on trust and this is a fraternity that does not forgive legal pursuits.
  • The buyer or seller forfeits any rights of the legal pursuit of any kind, because some products and services may be sold less administrative costs, insurance, etc. Our platform also promotes new products in beta stages which also mean it does not qualify for legal protection of the buyer.
  • If it is important for you or your organization to retain such rights, you would need to buy directly from the respective vendor, and not from this platform.